How Automation Drives Creativity and Collaboration

We take a look at how automation can free up your time allowing you to focus on collaboration and creativity.

All of us who build products we are passionate about, find ourselves inevitably having to balance the pressures of limited time and resources. This does not always need to be a negative. These pressures drive innovation and help us to deliver value for our customers more quickly. This ultimately underpins the viability of the businesses we are trying to build. Our team at FigMayo have felt these pressures on every product we have worked on and we understand deeply how valuable time is to a business. We built FigMayo to give product teams time back, allowing you to maintain velocity without ever having to sacrifice the quality you are so passionate about.

Design systems and increased efficiency

Design systems have become an essential part of every product team. They usually consist of a set of reusable components, documented and defined by agreed standards, that can be combined to quickly build product features and applications.

The FigMayo integration with Figma bridges the gap between design and documentation. As designs evolve, so should the documentation. It is critical to the success of your design system that your documentation stays relevant, fresh and reliable. Anything less will erode the trust in your documentation and lead to an inconsistent customer experience, design debt, wasted engineering effort and frustrated stakeholders.

FigMayo’s automation surfaces detailed component specifications and contextual information directly from your Figma library. This avoids the time-sink of having to manually document this elsewhere and means changes to your design system can be automatically updated. This represents a significant reduction in the time invested in DS documentation giving your designers more focus on iterating your product.

The impact of Automation

As we have begun to work with our early customers it has become clear that the impact of FigMayo goes beyond just time-saving. It creates an environment where the adoption of design systems happens naturally and isn’t a painful undertaking. By turning your Figma libraries into fully-documented websites, we're making your DS more discoverable. This helps quickly highlight issues of quality, completeness and consistency which integrates the documentation more deeply into the end to end product delivery workflow. This ease of sharing is crucial in promoting adoption and ensures that design systems are not just reference material for designers but a tool for the whole business to share a unified view of the vision for your customer experience.

While automation sits apart from the human endeavours of creativity and collaboration, it can be leveraged to quickly become an enabler. There is pleasure in tending your garden, and those calm afternoons tidying up your edges will never go away. But, removing onerous busy work means the friction of documentation maintenance will be less of an impediment. Greater visibility of your DS makes collaboration across the end-to-end of product delivery seamless and natural.